Low windage, in-mast halyard locking
with simple installation.

The Alphalock Internal Lock allows halyards to be locked internally inside a mast or boom (for reef lines), minimizing clutter and reducing windage. The Internal Lock is designed to be installed at its position externally through its own mast hole. Once in place, the lock is then held in position with three machine screws. It’s important to note that the Internal Lock relies on a halyard locking bullet with a specific diameter that must first be checked against halyard sheave widths to confirm it will pass into the mast. The Internal Lock is Alphalock’s most versatile lock with numerous applications for spinnaker, jib, forestaysail halyards, inner forestays, reef lines, tack lines in bowsprits to name a few.

Available for safe working loads of  1T, 2T, 4T and 7.5T

Patent Pending.